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Seasonal Maintenance Checklist

Tires: If you are driving in consistent snow and ice you should seriously consider snow tires just for the winter months. If you drive on all season tires, rotating tires seasonally will extend the life of your tires. Ford Lakewood Service coupons are a money saver if you need new tires or tire rotation. Ford Denver Dealer Ford Lakewood has one of the largest in stock tire inventory of all types of tires.

Windshield wiper blades: Temperature extremes,
in summer and winter, break down the rubber and compromise their ability to clear your windshield. Do a seasonal check of your wipers and replace them if necessary. Also top off your windshield wiper fluid reservoir, especially in the spring.

Examine your brakes: Listen for brake noises such as grinding, chatter, or squealing. Even if your brakes aren't making any distinctive noises, it's still a good idea to determine the amount of wear on the pads or drums. Denver Ford Dealer Ford Lakewood Service coupons often include brake service coupons.

Check all automotive fluids: Top off as necessary, and if your car is due for scheduled maintenance, have the oil changed with the proper oil recommended by the manufacturer.

Keep your car clean inside and outside.
Car washes that use hanging rags to clean the exterior are more favorable than a hand wash with a sponge, as sponges trap dirt and can scratch the finish. Go over the interior of your vehicle. This includes washing floor liners and vacuum and clean the carpets.

Engine Performance - Replace filters (air, fuel, cabin, etc.) as recommended by manufacturer, and do so more frequently in dusty conditions.

Battery Check: Batteries typically last three to five years
and can fail any time of year. The best way to identify a weak battery is with professional test equipment. At Ford Lakewood we offer Ford Service coupons for Free Battery wellness checks.