Why is Wheel Alignment so Important?
Proper alignment of wheels positions them so each are lined up in the same direction, perpendicular to the ground, parallel to each other and to the center of the car.
Wheels that are out of alignment affects
steering, suspension, safety, durability of the tires and all parts controlling them.
Alignments are measured in tenths and hundredths of degrees or inches.  A computerized alignment machine does the high tech and precise measuring. Once your car is on the alignment rack, special sensors are mounted to each wheel.  The computer measures the angles of the wheels and adjusts to the manufacture specifications.

How does a car lose wheel alignment?

  • potholes
  • hitting a curb
  • bumping against concrete parking stalls
  • gravel bumpy roads
  • wear and tear

What are the symptoms of misalignment?

  • steering if off center when driving straight
  • car pulls to one side on straight and level road
  • doesn't hold road well
  • tires screeching when turning
  • uneven tire wear

Pothole damage is far reaching beyond alignment:

  • tire puncture
  • wheel rim damage
  • suspension damage
  • exhaust system damage
  • engine damage
  • undercarriage damage


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