• Filters keep engine running smoothly, efficiently, and avoid costly repairs
  • Placed in each major system to trap foreign matter that contaminates car's fluids, air, and gasses.
  • Change filters regularly for optimum performance and health of your engine. 
  • Check your car's owners manual for filters: engine filter, fuel filter, cabin filter, and oil filter

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Engine Air Filter
  • Combustion process comes into the car through the air-induction system.
  • Prevent debris from getting into system.
  • Without filter, bits of dirt or sand can be abrasive to the cylinder compromising the combustion process
  • A dirty filter compromises car's efficiency and performance.

Cabin Filter

  • Opening a vent in your car brings in the outside air; pleasant or not so pleasant. 
  • Cabin filters clean the air coming through vent 
  • Functioning cabin air filter can stop up to 90% of dust, pollen, and spore particles from entering the cabin.
  • Changing your cabin air filters, is not easy DIY job. Check your owners manual, Google, and YouTube; to see if you have tools.

Have your Cabin Filter changed today and breathe fresh air!

Fuel Filter
  • Strains out dirt and other particles, like rust and stray carbon, that could be drawn into engine from the gas tank.
  • Clogged fuel filter causes engine to not run efficiently.
  • The proper amount of fuel will not flowing as engine requires.
Oil Filter
  • Moving parts are lubricated for easy movement
  • Oil is pumped out of oil pan by a pump
  • Passes through filter to remove any debris
  • Squirts under pressure onto the bearings and the cylinder walls.
  • Oil trickles into and collected in the sump
  • Process is repeated over and over again.
  • Oil filter will be changed by your service technician at same time your engine oil is changed.

How do I know when to change my Engine Air Filter?*
  • You drive in excessively dusty conditions
  • You see a lot of dirt in the filter
  • You have a rough idle or sluggish acceleration
  • You have decreased fuel efficiency

How do I know when to change my Cabin Air Filter?*
  • You or a frequent passenger suffer from allergies or other respiratory problems
  • You drive in excessively dusty conditions
  • You drive in heavily polluted areas
  • Your car has a musty smell

How do I know when to change my Fuel Filter?*
  • Your vehicle is difficult to start
  • Your vehicle idles rough or stalls
  • You have sluggish acceleration
  • You have decreased fuel economy
  • You suspect you have a bad tank of fuel

*Always refer to your owners manual for a specific maintenance schedule for your filters.

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