Your Car's tires need more attention than most of your car!

Over the years tires have improved in terms of performance and wear, but they still need more attention than most of your vehicle.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated and to rotate them on schedule. An outside temperature fluctuation of as little as 10 degrees, can affect the pressure in your tires. 
  • Keep in mind as well that healthy tires lose about a pound per square inch every month. Your new car may include an automatic tire pressure monitoring system, but you should still check the pressure of your tires monthly.
  • Our Service Advisors will check your tire pressure at no cost.
Close examination of your tires will determine if the tire is wearing properly or if replacement should be considered.

Things to look for:

  • Be aware of excessive wear on the inner or outer edge of the tire, which suggests something may be wrong with the wheel alignment.
  • If the center of the tire is quicker to wear than the edges, then the tire is likely over-inflated
  • If the outer edges of the tire wears faster than the center, the tire is likely under-inflated. 
  • A diagonal scalloping on the tire, known as cupping wear, suggests the suspension may be worn, bent or somehow compromised. 
  • Patchy wear implies the tire is out of balance.

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