1. Get a car with a fully charged battery and a good pair of jumper cables.

2. Position the working car so it is front to front with the dead car, or line them up side by side close enough for the jumper cables to reach from one battery to the next.

3. Make sure both cars are positioned in park and both engines are turned off.

Set the parking brake in both cars.

4. Turn off radio and lights of the dead car.
5. Remove cover.
Chalky corrosion on terminals needs to be removed with wire brush.

6. Attach red cable to the positive point on the dead car's battery.


7. Attach other end of the red cable to the positive point on the working car.

8. Attach the black cable to the negative point on the dead car's battery.

9. Attach other end of the black cable to a large unpainted metal surface in the dead car's engine bay.
Away from battery and the engine.
Make sure the cables are clear of any moving parts.
10.Let working car start up and rev engine in neutral for about 20 seconds.
11.After 20 seconds, turn on the ignition of dead car.
Once it starts let both cars run connected for about 3 minutes.
12.When dead car's engine begins working, rev it's engine in neutral; keep it running at least 15 minutes to charge the battery.
13.Carefully remove the jumper cables from both engines in reverse order that they were attached.

  • Visit Larry H. Miller Lakewood Ford to get the jump-started battery tested without cost to you . 
  • Just because your battery is dead doesn't mean it needs to be replaced. 
  • It may mean you have driven a lot of short trips or you have left it dormant and it hasn't had a chance to recharge itself. 
  • If you still have constant battery problems and you are sure there is nothing wrong with the battery, then you could have an alternator problem. 
  • Dim headlights can be a sign of this issue, and your Ford Service Technician can advise you on this.
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