check condition of battery 

Do you need a new battery?

Check the condition of your battery visually. If you see any leaks, cracks, or other damage, the battery needs to be replaced.

Your car's battery helps start the engine and all electronics
  • A healthy battery starts your car, and all components in your car's electrical system: lighting, power accessories, radio, horn, trunk release, door locks, windows, etc.  
  • Batteries gradually lose power overtime just like the batteries we use in our homes; a flashlight, smoke detectors, remotes, etc.  
  • Have your battery tested at the dealership every few months. 
  • Extreme hot and extreme cold is especially hard on them.

When choosing the best battery for your vehicle you need to consider three important factors:

1. Battery Group Size: Length, width, and height of battery. Most vehicles allow for more than one group size. Check your owners manual to find which battery group size fits. 

2. Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): Performance indicator of how well a new battery supplies sufficient power for 30 seconds, at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher the number the better. Your new battery should match CCA number in owners manual. If you depend on many cold-starts, a slightly higher CCA rating may be beneficial. Choose a battery based upon CCA ratings rather than HCA, CA. or MCA. They are tested differently, and not equal to CCA.

3. Reserve Capacity (RC): Measurement how many minutes battery can supply power before falling below minimum voltage level. RC the higher the number the better.  It is important to consider The RC rating if you will be operating electrical equipment when the vehicle is off.

Look for Battery Date Code showing manufacture date. Buy the newest battery in your group size. The age of a battery can affect it's battery life expectancy.
  • Always buy a battery with a good warranty*  
  • How long the free replacement period? 
  • Is there coverage on a prorated basis after that period of time has expired?

What if you have a dead battery?
  • Turning ignition key you hear  constant clicking or tapping noise
  • Means you are having problems with your battery.
  • Check your battery isn't dirty: if it is dirty clean the points on the battery. 
  • If you do this and it still will not "turn-over" your battery is dead
  • Needs to be jump started
  • Make sure terminals are tight and not corroded.
  • Corrosion at the battery terminals will cause a poor connection
  • Be careful: cleaning the white flaky corrosion stuff is very acidic
Motorcraft Batteries
  • Reliable and powerful
  • Built with latest engineering technologies
  • Perform in wide range of conditions

*Motorcraft Tested Tough PLUS
  • 18 month free replacement period**
  • 84 month unlimited mileage**
  • Reliable performance

Motorcraft Tested Tough MAX
  • Authorized as original equipment replacement for all Ford vehicles
  • 36 month free replacement**
  • 100 month unlimited mileage**
  • Reduced charging time
  • Excellent performance in high-heat applications

** See your Dealer for limited warranty coverage details. Although Battery Prices will vary Lakewood Ford always provides our customers with the best battery prices available.

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