Check Power Steering Fluid And 6 Steps to Check Power Steering Color 

If you don't Check Power Steering Fluid you could be putting yourself at risk of losing control of your vehicle.  Even a power steering fluid leak or low level can cause power steering fluid to fail. It takes just minutes to check power steering color to determine it's condition. Follow the steps below to check your power steering fluid, or call the auto repair experts at Larry H. Miller Lakewood Ford to schedule an appointment for service.

To check your power steering fluid look in your Ford Owners Manual, for location, type of fluid, and if your engine should be running or turned off; sometimes you must also turn the steering wheel in either direction several times while vehicle idles.

  • If reservoir cylinder is translucent you may be able to see the fluid level, if metal you need to check with dipstick usually attached to  cap.
  • Unscrew cap on pump and check if fluid reaches full mark on the dip stick
  • Examine color: good power steering fluid will be clear, amber or pinkish in color
  • Bad news if it is brown or black: means you are seeing bits of rubber from hoses, seals, or O-rings
  • A Certified Technician should examine to determine if any of the power steering system need to be replaced as well as fluid
  • Never overfill your power steering fluid: as it heats up, it expands to do it's job

How to add Power Steering Fluid in Denver, CO

  1. Start your Ford engine and let it run until the temperature gauge reaches the normal operating range.
  2. With the Ford engine idling, turn the steering wheel all the way to full lock, and then turn it the other way to opposite lock.  Do this several times.
  3. Turn off the Ford engine and open the hood.
  4. Locate the power steering reservoir.  It is usually on or near the engine: has a white or yellow reservoir and a black cap.
  5. Wipe the reservoir clean with a towel or rag to prevent dirt from getting in while you work on it.
  6. Check the fluid level in the reservoir.  Depending on the reservoir type you will either twist and pull out a dipstick, or view "MIN or "MAX" lines on the outside of the reservoir.
  7. If the dipstick or reservoir is between "MIN", and "MAX" you don't need to add fluid.
  8. If the fluid is below the "MIN" line, remove the cap (or leave out the dipstick) and add power steering fluid in small amounts, checking the level after each time.  Do not fill it above the "MAX" line.
  9. Replace the cap or dipstick,and make sure it is sealed tight.

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power steering fluid color Power Steering Fluid Color
How do you know if you should service your power steering system?
Do you hear groaning or whining when you turn your steering wheel?

If you hear an unusual noise when you turn your steering wheel chances are your system needs hydrolic fluid.  If your car loses all power steering assistance, you should have it towed to the dealership.

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