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  1. Open hood and find the dipstick. It's near the engine; usually with bright colored handle.
  2. Pull dipstick out, wipe the metal section clean with a rag, and then carefully  re-insert and remove it.
  3. Your oil  level is the highest point on the dipstick that is covered in oil.
  4. If oil level is between "MIN" and "MAX" you don't need to add oil, and you can replace the dipstick.
  5. If the oil level is at or below "MIN", you need to add oil now.
  6. Find the oil fill location; it may have an icon on it. Remove the fill cap and place the small end of the funnel into the fill hole.
  7. Add oil pouring roughly a quarter of the container at a time, waiting a minute for the oil to drain into the pan, the repeat steps 2 and 3 each time.  Stop adding oil when the dipstick shows oil at or just below the "MAX" fill line.
  8. Remove the funnel and replace the dipstick and  oil fill cap.  Make sure both are fully secured in place.




Why your engine benefits from motor oil:

  • Cools your engine
  • Keeps your engine clean
  • Cuts down on friction between moving parts
  • Slows Corrosion
What you should know about motor oil?

Oil refiners blend in additives help oil
  • to make the oil pour better in cold weather
  • to prevent corrosion of the moving parts
  • to dissolve impurities and prevent sludge from building up
  • to prevent foaming at high temperatures

Oil Viscosity Ratings Two Types

  • single viscosity; also called single weight
  • multi-viscosity; also called muti-weight or multigrade
  • find out what viscosity your vehicle requires by checking your owners manual

Synthetic Oil

  • engineered for high and low temperatures
  • keeps your engine cleaner with superior cleansing properties
  • good option for stop & go driving, short drives, and temperature extremes

Conventional Oil

  • refined from petroleum products
  • additives for protection and performance in wide temperature range

High-Mileage Oil

  • vehicles with over 75,000 miles
  • additives to help protect seals

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Is Your Engine Losing Oil?
  • Your motor oil should be changed every 5,000 to 10,000 miles depending on your vehicles model year and driving conditions. 
  • Many newer Ford vehicles have an Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor that can help you keep track of when an oil change is needed.

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