Brake Fluid is Important for Your Car or Truck

  • The brake reservoir is usually in front of the steering wheel under the hood. 
  • Most vehicles have a clear reservoir so you can see the level of your brake fluid without having to open the cover.
  • Changing brakes fluid should be left to the professionals. 
  • If you see that your brake fluid is above the minimum mark that's good.
  • If the level is below the minimum mark that is usually an indicates problem in your braking system. 
  • Take your car in and have a service technician check your brake system.
  • If the level drops over a short period of time to about 2/3 full have your brakes checked as soon as possible

How to add brake fluid to your car in Denver, CO

1. With the engine off raise the hood and find the brake master cylinder.

2. Usually located in the back of the engine on the right side. Use caution and protect your car when opening a container of brake fluid is toxic to you and your car's paint.

3. Use a cloth to clean the master cylinder's reservoir and cap to prevent dirt or water from entering the reservoir. Clean the fluid lines if they need it.

4. If your fluid is below the "MIN" line, carefully pry off the cap, then add brake fluid until it is just under "MAX".  Be careful to not overfill the reservoir.

5. Using a clean lint free cloth clean the reservoir cap again, it needs to be completely clean before you put it back on

6. Carefully replace the cap and press down until it completely clicks into place

7. Visit Lakewood Ford Service department to have your brakes inspected, especially if your brake fluid level continues to go down or if your fluid is dark in color. This could mean you need your brake system serviced

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